Cold Laser Therapy

Here at Chiropractic Wellness Center, we use the most state of the art techniques and tools to help expedite pain relief and healing results.

The Health and Healing Tool

Cold laser therapy is provided by a portable, low-level laser designed to help temporarily reduce pain without the use of potentially harmful medications or invasive surgeries. This digital pain-reducing device is easy and painless to use. It has no side effects, nor does it require any recovery time.

Cold laser therapy works to temporarily reduce many types of pain, ranging from arthritis to acute knee pain due to injury. NASA has been using LED color therapy for the past 30 years to accelerate the healing process for their astronauts while in space. It was noted that astronauts with wounds, broken bones or damaged muscles and cartilage would not heal quickly unless LED therapy were applied.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

  • Pain Relief Without Medication
  • No Harmful Side Effects
  • Diagnostic Sensors Regulate Treatments
  • Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow
  • Reduces Joint Stiffness
  • Removes Toxic Debris from Joints
  • Reduces Nerve Sensitivity and Slows Response Time
  • Promotes and Accelerates Healing

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